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Experts Live is a non-profit organization based in The Netherlands that has a mission to “enable sharing of knowledge and experience about Microsoft technologies worldwide” and was founded by Maarten Goet (MVP, RD).

We are very proud where we are today. On 4 continents around the world at least 7 international Experts Live events are happening reaching over 5000+ people. In the meantime, we are in talks with others to join the movement in 2018 and we expected to reach the other 2 continents next year already. Through our online means (ExpertsLive TV, etc.) we are reaching thousands more people.

This cannot be done without the help of our great sponsors. They enable the communities to provide free entrance to these events, or enable a low entrance fee. From their sponsor money, the community pays for the rent of the location and the catering.

Are you a brand that wants to reach thousands of Microsoft IT professionals? Is your company invested in Microsoft cloud technologies? Then we would love to talk to you.



Let us know what you have in mind.